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Boston Marathon Finisher, Ultramarathoner

I began working with Sara in March 2015. At the time, I was battling an upper back injury that was making it hard to run, ride my bike, ski, and even kept me from sitting at my desk. It didn’t take much time for Sara to figure out what was wrong, and within a few visits I was able to race well at the Boston marathon. By the end of the summer I could complete long days of riding that would’ve been impossible when I first came in, and today I can’t remember the last time my back bugged me. She’s helped me figure out how to stretch and stay mobile, which I think has helped me avoid other injuries. Unfortunately, I don’t always make good decisions, but with my back fixed she’s helped me return from a rotator cuff tear (skiing) and work out several kinks in my feet and lower legs (too much running). She matches a deep understanding of anatomy with a thoughtful and professional approach to her patients. I’ve recommended that several of my friends make appointments to see her, and she’ll continue to be my first call when things go wrong.



Golfer, Ironman Finisher

My PT with Sara Huizenga has been life-changing! I’d always been athletic, but work, kids, and reaching my mid-40’s, had slowed me way down, and old and new injuries and chronic pain had become real obstacles. Things I had once “played through” were keeping me from exercising at all. When I tried to take up golf again last year, after some years away, thinking it a gentler way to get outside and get some exercise, I sprained a rib and had disc mobility and swelling and acute back pain. For the first time in my life, I sought physical therapy. Sara had a great reputation among my circle of colleagues and friends. She addressed, quickly and effectively, the acute problems. But perhaps more importantly, she has shown me how my present problems implicated longstanding dysfunction: old injuries and chronic pain in my shoulder and back, problems with my stride and posture, even tension and tightness in my head, neck, and jaw. Her deep knowledge of the body, and her ability to follow symptoms to root causes, has been astounding. She has developed a great exercise and stretching program for me, one that has evolved to address all of these areas, and we have worked on all of them in PT sessions with great results. Even as a once accomplished athlete, I have learned many things about how my body works, and how it can work better, that are allowing me to renew my exercise and training (and golf) — with a hopefulness I haven’t had in years.


Dog Lover, Workout Girl

There honestly are not enough words in the English language to describe the therapeutic wonder that is Sara Huizenga. She has seen me through me a broken foot, a broken ankle and ensuing surgery, ACL replacement and a (somewhat incorrect) diagnosis of carpal tunnel, all with the added layer of fibromyalgia. Despite all of this, I am still a normal, active and healthy individual thanks to her incredible work. Her excellent diagnostic skills and holistic approach to therapy address the multiple complications and intricacies of medical conditions, resulting in a body that functions even better post-injury. Sara is calm, thorough, attentive, positive and personal in all of her dealings. In addition to being the best medical provider I’ve ever dealt with, she’s just a joy to be around.

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