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fluid manual therapy


Wellness Care




55 min*


During the initial evaluation, I will listen carefully to the story of your symptoms.   I will ask expert questions that hone in on your healthcare needs and goals.  After reviewing your medical history and relevant imaging, an objective evaluation will clarify the best treatment approach.  The average evaluation takes about 20 minutes and the remainder of the appointment will be devoted to treatment.  All equipment necessary for the home program is included in the price of the visit.




55 min*


Follow up visits will begin with a succinct review of your symptoms and the progress toward your goals.  Targeted pre-tests will guide my decision making about the best treatment to build on the previous visit.  Home exercises and posture instruction will be progressed as necessary.

Specialty Treatments




55 min*

Women's unique anatomy and life experience can sometimes require specialized care.  Pregnancy, labor, delivery and menopause can usher in complications like perineal pain, incontinence and organ prolapse. These problems can be embarrassing and may not be talked about openly, so women are often unaware that physical therapy can be helpful.  During a pelvic exam, I will assess your pelvic floor muscles for weakness, spasm, and coordination and I will teach you how to do an effective Kegel. If indicated, a biofeedback machine is available for detailed, computerized measuring and monitoring of pelvic floor function.  I will also use internal (and external) manual therapy techniques to address any tightness, scarring, and trauma to help restore a healthy pelvic floor.




55 min*

Perfect posture withstands vertical loading.  If your posture is like a soda can with a dent, you will chronically stress the place in your spine where you buckle.  Learn the simple strategies for “stacking the blocks” of your body for efficient sitting & standing posture.  An added bonus of good posture is a dramatic increase in core muscle activation.  Watch this video to see a demo.




55 min*

Popular running theory says we should land on our midfoot…  but do you know how to stand on your midfoot, let alone walk or run there?  Learn the standing posture that puts your center of gravity over the sweet spot of your foot and then transition this posture to walking and running. 


How you roll over in bed is how you run.  Do you roll/run with an integrated core response or do you roll/run with a disjointed pushing from your extremities?  Tapping into the developmental reflexes of rolling and crawling through Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), I will train you to power your gait and running mechanics from the core.


The thoracic spine, hips and ankles are the most important joints for runners to keep mobile.  A tailored home program will address all the problem areas and necessary balls & straps are included in the price of the visit.

Traditional physical therapy fixes a problem once it shows up, but a regular physical therapy check-up could prevent the disability in the first place.  Like we do with our teeth and our cars, consider investing in your musculoskeletal health to maintain or enhance your independence.  

55 min*





55 min*

The rotator cuff wears thin like the knees of an old pair of jeans if the joint is not spinning in the socket well.  Any pinching in the shoulder as you go about your daily activities is a sign that the shoulder needs to be treated.  To prevent the wear and tear that leads to rotator cuff injury, I will treat all four joints that make up the shoulder complex.  I will strengthen weak muscles with targeted exercises and ensure proper coordination between the shoulder blade and arm.  






55 min*

All of the golfer’s and tennis elbow patients I have seen over the years (including myself) have lost end range straightening of the elbow.  My experience has shown that a program to maintain elbow mobility will decrease the chances of pain when you swing your golf club and/or tennis racket.  I will restore motion to the elbow with Trigger Point Dry Needling which is particularly effective in addressing the tight musculature of the forearm.  This will be followed by manual techniques to the elbow joint.  You will learn a home program of self stretching and massage using balls and straps, which are included in the price of the visit.




55 min*

When the hip does not spin in its socket well, the wear and tear that occurs over a lifetime is what leads to an eventual hip replacement.  If you feel a pinch in your anterior hip when you bring your knee to your chest, your hip needs to be treated.  I will work to restore the efficient ball & socket mechanics of your joint with soft tissue and joint mobilization followed by a home program to maintain the gains we make.  

A knee must track smoothly to give it the best chance of longevity.   Often, this smooth tracking is prevented by inefficiencies at the hip and ankle. So in order to provide comprehensive treatment to the knee, I will assess and treat the knee, the hip and the ankle.  The knee is also a victim of a weak core. I will facilitate an integrated response from the trunk’s core muscles to the knee’s core muscles. This is essential for daily activities and sport demands.  





55 min*






55 min*

More and more research is implicating a tight thoracic spine in painful conditions of the upper body from neck pain to shoulder impingement to tennis elbow to carpal tunnel syndrome.  Keeping the upper back mobile is imperative to maintaining a high quality of life and avoiding the dreaded Dowager Hump.  Sadly a flexible upper back gets increasingly hard to hold onto as we age.  Come discover strategies for self massage & mobilization.  Learn valuable exercises and get targeted treatment to the thoracic spine and rib cage.  




55 min*

TMJ problems can turn even the most stable person neurotic.  Symptoms such as joint clicking and locking, clenching at night, jaw pain that becomes headache pain, and worry about how your teeth are being affected all impact your quality of life.  Treatment to this complex area includes craniosacral and manual therapy to the bones, muscles, and nerves of the region.  I will also assess your need for postural instruction and neuromuscular retraining of jaw function.





55 min*

For over a decade, I have studied the work of French osteopath Jean Pierre Barral who has paved the way for the treatment of the organs and introduced a novel way to treat the nervous system.  I have also studied under the Scottish osteopath Hugh Milne who has made significant contributions to treating the craniosacral system with precision and gentleness.  The work of both Barral and Milne is powerful for patients with nerve pain, digestive disorders, and post traumatic conditions.  It is an especially good treatment option for patients with sensitive, responsive systems.

*55 minute treatments allow for COVID19 cleaning between patients 

**all prices include New Mexico gross receipts tax

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